Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Competition closed (kind of), let the admin begin!

Hi everyone - just a quick update before I get stuck into sorting through all the entries etc. - with Ben Rowlands tied up with uni stuff and me having just got back from the World Cup in Antwerp, there's quite a bit for me to catch up on with the comp!

The official deadline for competition entries has now passed and we've had a lot of great entries come in over the past couple of days - thanks to everyone that's worked so hard on their videos and for making this year's comp such a good one!

I'll be collating all of the video submissions, contacting the judges and sponsors to make sure they're all set up and then the judging can get underway!

Since it's going to take me a little while to get through all the entries and I know some people have been having trouble uploading their videos, I'm going to give people until midnight on Wednesday 2nd October to submit their finished videos and will aim to have all of the links etc. with the judges by the end of the week.

And another quick thank you to all of our sponsors for their support and for the fantastic prizes that they've provided - check the blog later today for a full update on who's provided what and how it'll be allocated and keep checking back for updates on how things are going and when the results will be announced!

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