Thursday, 18 July 2013

Competition Introduction.

The GETcreative competition has returned for a second time adopting the well evolved name of 'GETcreative 2.' For those of you who missed the previous one this competition was devised to encourage people's video and riding creativity/ability by becoming involved in a communal and competitive effort to produce a video of their riding with the possibility of being awarded prizes for their efforts. It seems as a result of the competition that some of those goals were achieved and for that reason it also seemed important for something similar to happen again this summer.

Having asked the question to some of the people who were involved in the competition last year about whether the format of the competition should change for this year there hasn't been a great deal of push for that to happen. We are presently debating about when videos should be released - all in one go at the closing date or whenever they are finished until the closing date - but aside from that things look to stay much the same. I will now specify the general rules and directions for being involved in the competition although these may be subject to change in the short term. If anyone has any suggestions about any rules or changes then please email us at

The rules are geared to leave you with as much freedom as possible to express what you consider to be creative. In actual fact, some of the rules aren't really rules but let you know that any approach is possible:

 No time limit for a video.

Any amount of riders within a video.

Any type of bike is permitted for your video.

The competition is split into two categories - Novice and Sponsored - in order to allow novice riders the possibility of winning more stuff and feeling less pressured. We will consider putting some people who are sponsored in some sense within the novice category if we or they feel that is more appropriate. 

Entrants must email by the 15th of August in order to compete in the competition. They must make the heading of their email as follows: 

Your Name - Entry Request

This is to allow an easier management of emails and distinguish them from questions, etc. If you do not do this you will be emailed back asking that you send another email which wastes everyone's time so please pay careful attention here...

If you are in the novice category you will also need to include your age, time riding, location (country) and the fact you are in the novice category. Those in the sponsored category need only to include their location and name in the email heading but also their sponsors.

When you have completed your video you will need to email us with a link of some sort. Depending on the direction the competition takes, this might need to be a download link or it may be a Vimeo/Youtube link. Again, the heading of the email needs to follow a certain structure:

Your Name - Video Submission

The competition ends on the 30th of September which means that all videos need to be submitted by midnight on that day. 

Although we have emphasized the freedom you have regarding your videos there are certain guidelines to consider if you want to be judged well. That is, if you want to compete and be in with a chance of winning some prizes:

Riding a downhill bike, downhill, or a BMX without any relationship to a 'trials' approach will not be judged as well as somebody who relates other disciplines or even something totally unique to trials. The primary goal of this competition, competitively speaking, is to having some sort of grounding within trials but extend it outward in a creative way. This often means combining trials with BMX or combining trials moves together in more unique ways to create either novel lines or novel moves. 

Creativity can be expressed in ways I have not mentioned in the above paragraph. Sean Watson who won the sponsored category last year brought less predictable elements into his riding. Similarly, Danny Mac recently utilized an exercise ball in an extremely technical and creative way in his last video. This is something the judges may be willing to also reward. 

We also want to see creativity in the way a video is edited and filmed. Does your video have an introduction of some sort? Have you found some way of including something amusing, thoughtful, interesting, etc.  beyond just simply showing off riding moves? This isn't to say that those things should definitely be included in your video - they might not be appropriate - but they might be of great use in producing something that stands out to the judges.

Beyond creativity in editing and filming there are also more basic things to be addressed. How well focused is your shot? Have you created too much contrast by filming into the sun? Is your camera angle off? Does the angle show what's actually happening very well? Does your music 'fit' the riding? These are mostly very basic expectations that everyone should be able to master if they give it their full attention. Sometimes for creative purposes we might go against these basic ideas but often most people will respond better to shots that clearly show what is happening whilst offering something that's at least a bit creative or interesting in some way.

Style is also emphasized. How much control have you managed to achieve in a line or a move? Did you have to use multiple correction hops or have you practiced the line until you have mastered it with ease and little or no correction hops? Here we are trying to encourage you to commit to mastering something you are putting into a video. It might take a while but that's the way development in anything in life ever really comes about.

In other words, the three areas that are being judged are creativity, style and video production in the ways that have been described above. It should be noted at this point that the judges will try to view your video according to you abilities. This will include a consideration of your age and how long you have been riding. These sorts of judgements will never work perfectly but we will try our best. Ultimately, we want to recognize how much you have tried to push yourself according to your own abilities. 

That's pretty much the fundamentals of the competition if you're interested in being competitive or want to enter. I would highly recommend visiting the previous blog, looking at who did well, and considering what it was about their videos that makes them stand out. Go here to do that. Please feel free to email or message us on the Facebook page here if you're confused about any of the rules or guidelines.

Just to reiterate then, when you email your entry request, put your name first followed by '- Entry Request' because this makes life a lot easier for the administration of emails. The same goes for video submissions; your name first followed by '- Video Submission.'

That's pretty much it for now aside from mentioning that so far we have Inspired, Phoenix, DMR, Atomlab and Lezyne offering prizes some of which we have specific details and others we don't. We will probably be releasing information in bits and pieces over the coming weeks. There may also be other sponsors on the horizon.

Ben R

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