Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Entrant and Sponsor Update

We have some news regarding additional sponsorship. Five Ten have confirmed their involvement and are currently working out a 'prize package.' This is another exciting sponsor...

We also have the initial entrant list. It seems a bit limited and I know of others who have suggested they will be involved but haven't yet entered themselves. Please remember there is an entrant deadline on the 15th of August.

Frankie Exley-McTaggart (UK)
Carl Hopps (UK)
Sam Nichols (UK)
Jake Kidney (UK)
Dave Barratt (UK)
Guillermo MarĂ­n (Spain)
Patryk Kucza (UK)
Gerhard Wimmer-Etz (Austria) 

I'm slightly concerned that more trialsy riders may feel they will be unable to compete within this event. I want to remind those people that the winner of the novice category, Jonathan Tollerud, was very trialsy but also very creative. Creativity is not the same as BMX. BMX can easily lack creativity. The judges of this competition will represent a range of styles that include more trialsy riders. We try to be as fair as possible in that way. 

The prizes this year are looking to possibly go beyond last year so I encourage you to get involved, get thinking and maybe win something.

Finally, Ben Swales is helping with the organising of the competition so regarding emails you'll be dealing with either him or myself (Ben Rowlands).

That's it for now...

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