Monday, 19 August 2013

Final-ish Entrant List, Prize Update, Photos and Videos

We now have what should be the final entrant list and, much to our appreciation, it is quite long. There are now 47 entrants in the novice category and 18 in the sponsored. Although the deadline for entries is closed we may allow additional entrants. Just email us with your excuse or otherwise at and hopefully we can sort you out. The entrant list is as follows:


NameAgeCountryTime riding (years)
Frankie Exley-McTaggart15UK2
Carl Hopps26UK8
Sam Nichols25UK (Guernsey)10
Jake Kidney15UK3
Dave Barratt30UK4
Guillermo Marín27Spain13
Patryk Kucza20UK (Jersey)0.5
Gerhard Wimmer-Etz33Austria15
Petras Beržinis16Lithuania3
James Woodbridge18UK3
Madis Vasser25Estonia10
Tamás Misik22Hungary8
Jason Dilworth26UK13
Ante Čobanov19Croatia4
Derek Coates29UK2
Andreas Johnson14Sweden0.5
Mumo Zunino17Chile1.5
Bernard Nulty25Ireland0.25
Matthew Tomlinson23USA4
Mike Pilon28Canada3
Manuel Scheidegger32Switzerland3
Peter Jahrstorfer33Germany4
Maxwell Duryea27USA9
Austin Garner15USA2
Joel Bennett25UK12
Nicolas Moreau21France3
Jon Theis28USA1.5
Jesús San Martín15Spain3
Wilfried Moissonier23France5
Juan Carro16Spain2
Cal McGregor18UK4
Aaron Browne25UK10
Ash Kennard22UK9
Fernando Nunes De Barros20USA3.5
Mike Judson32UK14
Alex Zamani22Canada4
Damon Yates43UK1.25
Raimund Zimmer23Germany8
James Onyschuk18Canada4
James Harris, Oliver Culshaw, George Taylor, James Forrest18, 18, 17, 20UK1, 2, 3, 3
Thorsten Banze33Germany12
Tasos Kachrimanis17Greece2
Anthony Hernandez15Canada0.5
Geoffrey Schild19Switzerland3
Laurence Fielding27UK12
Dan Jones28UK13
Daniela Freude19Germany4


Ross McArthurUKMarinoBike
Ian Johnstone and Neil TunnicliffeUKJAF Bikes
Phoenix Riders Co.
Zoo! Bike
Tony SandovalMexicoUrban Ride
Leon NeillUKMarinoBike
Joe MaherUKRockamn Bikes
Tarty Bikes
Radical Bikes
Sean WatsonCanadaInspired Bicycles
Mud, Sweat and Gears
Ben TravisUKMarinoBike?
FlippUKTarty Bikes
JAF Bikes
Dmitry ZagovalkoSpainOmen Bikes
Fabio WibmerAustriaInspired Bicycles
Hope Technology
POC Sports
Donau (Vienna Insurance Group)
SMS Group
Andrew DickeyAustraliaBiketrials Direct
Vašek KolářCzech RepublicTrialtech
Dressler Shop
Liam NorwoodUK3SIXTY
Trials Addict
Léo NobileFranceCycle tyres direct
TMS Bikevision
Volkan watches
New era
Obo Drink
Vadim KushnarevRussiaCrazyBike
Omen bikes
Luke Cockshott/Trial N' ErrorUKTrials Addict
Heatsink Bikes
Aran (IOLO) CookUKTrialtech
Naked Bicycles
Stan ShawUKTartyBikes
Stan Titanium


Next up is a prize update. Heatsink have confirmed their prizes and where they'd like them to go:

1st - Heatsink (8mm Yellow/8mm Blue/or 10mm Reds) CNC Magura pads (winner's choice) Chainstay protector, stickers

2nd - Heatsink (8mm Yellow/8mm Blue/or 10mm Reds) plastic-backed Magura pads (winner's choice) Chainstay protector, stickers

3rd - Heatsink (8mm Yellow/8mm Blue/or 10mm Reds) plastic-backed Magura pads (winner's choice) Chainstay protector, stickers

Biggest Move - Tshirt & chainstay protector

Most Tech Move - Tshirt & chainstay protector

Best Video Of A Rider With Only Upto A Years Riding Experience - Tshirt & chainstay protector

We're still waiting on additional prize confirmations from certain sponsors but we will continue to add them as they come and when we have compiled a list of all prizes we will include a comprehensive list of them and where they are going.


Next up are some photos from various entrants. We really appreciate you sending these so please keep them coming!

 The following is from Petras Berzinis whose video is also contained within this update:


Next up is Patryk Kucza:


Finally we have two new additional videos to add to the list. Just a reminder at this point that we have changed the competition rules so that you need to upload your video to both and We will issue you with a friendly reminder when you email us with your video without a link to both sites. Anyway, here are two new videos:

Category: Novice
Name: Petras Berzinis
Age: 16
Time Riding: 3 years
Location: Lithuania

Petras Beržinis — Summer 2013 from JaCobbMediaHouse on Vimeo.

And here is the Youtube link:

Category: Sponsored
Name: Leo Nobile
Sponsors: Cycle tyres direct, Tms Bikevision, Volkan watches, New era, Obo Drink, Bell , Gb73


That's it for now however we will have an update later in the week with links to Youtube and Vimeo channels that will contain all of the videos which should make them more accessible than through the blog.

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