Wednesday, 18 September 2013

New videos and judging news

The final deadline for the competition is nearing with less than two weeks to go. Hopefully, regarding UK entrants, with the weather having been considerably better this year we will see more videos from you. There will definitely not be any extensions this year.

We have nearly compiled the list of judges for this years competition. In order to be as fair as possible judges are selected to represent a range of riding styles across the spectrum of trials------bmx. They are also selected for either being known to appreciate creative riding or riding creatively themselves. Some of the judges are the same as last year but we have also selected some different ones just to mix it up somewhat. The list will be complete for the next update hopefully at the end of this week or beginning of next week. 

Whilst writing this however we've just received the very exciting news that Martyn Ashton will be a judge this year and that he will be involved with both categories. This seemed exciting enough to announce ahead of the full list!

Within the next update we will also have the finalized prize list telling you what is going where. Hopefully this might inspire a final push to produce the best you can for your video.


For now we have some new videos and photos:

Category: Sponsored
Name: Fabio Wibmer 
Sponsors: Inspired Bicycles, Hope Technology, POC Sports, Donau (Vienna Insurance Group), SMS Group

Youtube Link:

Category: Novice
Name: Andreas Johnson 
Age: 15
Time Riding: 6 months

Youtube Link:

Category: Novice
Name: Patryk Kucza
Age: 20
Time Riding (trials :p ): 6 months

Youtube Link:


And finally some photos, firstly from Dave Barratt with what appears to be the building blocks of his competition video:

Our second photo is from Petra Berzinis whose video entry  you can find on the blog and video channels:

That's it for now but just to note if people could send their images to us with a width of 800 pixels that would be of great help because then it fits on the blog without any need for adjustment.


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